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Everyone should have the chance to invest

We want to give every investor without access to a professional asset manager the opportunity to benefit from our expertise.


T&V - Smart Equity World is an actively managed long-only equity ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) portfolio. Approximately 60% of the portfolio is considered core stocks and covers the major global indices. The other 40% of the portfolio is opportunistically invested in the most promising future themes or in countries that we consider particularly interesting.

Why equities?

Equities are unbeaten: Since 1975, the world index has generated an average annual return of 8.0 % (in USD). This puts equities well ahead of government bonds with a return of 2.1 % (in USD) and money market paper - with 0.8 % (in USD). We are convinced that equities will continue to yield the best returns in the future.


The product can be purchased with ISIN CH0596616885 at all conventional banks. If you do not find it, you are also welcome to ask us or your bank for it to be activated. For a purchase you simply have to copy the ISIN and enter it into the purchase mask at your bank. Then select the amount or the number of pieces for the purchase and place the order.

Albert Einstein once said that the principle of compound interest is the most powerful force in the world. He was probably right. The longer the horizon, the stronger its effect. Then also the risks, or fluctuations of the financial investments play a subordinate role. That is why it is important to start investing money as early as possible in order to profit from the compound interest effect in the best possible way!




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